1. What’s in a box of Natura PLUS?
Natura contains 100% natural ingredients as follows (1) Soursop (2) Pomegranate (3) Mangosteen (4) Amla (5) banana (6) Acerola cherry (7) Guarana (8) Ashwagandha (9) Korean Ginseng (10) Orange (11) Astaxanthin (12) Omega 3 (13) L-Arginine (Amino acid – protein) (14) Taurine (Amino acid – protein)

2. Which company is behind Natura?
Natura is under Prestige Living (002374396-T). Prestige Living reserves the right over Natura, Natura’s logo and its formulation.

3. Is Natura PLUS Halal?
Yes, Natura is approved as a Halal product from JAKIM.

4. Is Natura PLUS approved by KKM?
Yes, Natura is approved by KKM.

5. How do one consume Natura PLUS?
Mix one sachet with 180ml water (room temperature) and mix until it is thoroughly dissolved. Avoid using hot/warm water as this will damage the effectiveness of antioxidants in Natura.

For individuals no minor illness:
1 sachet of Natura per day, taken on a empty stomach 30-60 minutes before breakfast for better absorption.

⚠ For individuals with chronic illness (cancer, stroke and etc)
2 sachets per day. Once before breakfast and another before dinner. Make sure that is gap of 30 minutes before meal. 2 sachets to be taken for at least for the first month. If there is a positive outcome, you can reduce the number of intake to one sachet per day in the morning, before breakfast. If there is still no positive outcome, continue to take 2 sachets per day until the condition is better. Maximum is for 6 months.

6. Why does Natura’s colour turn from orange to black after leaving it out for awhile?
Natura’s colour will turn from orange to black due to a process called oxidation. The oxidation process can be seen in this example, after leaving a cut apple for awhile, the fruit will turn from yellow to brown. Natura has a potent content of antioxidants, that is why we highly suggest to consume Natura once it is prepared.

7. Is there any specific instruction in taking Natura PLUS?
There is no particular Dos & Don'ts. Users are encouraged  to consume Natura 30 minutes before meal.

8. Can I take Natura PLUS more than once a day?
Of course. We suggest taking two sachets for those with chronic illnesses. The maximum intake of Natura however will be 2 sachets per day.

9. Can pregnant mothers consume Natura PLUS?
Although Natura is natural and safe for consumption, we do not suggest taking Natura for expecting mothers because of its anti inflammatory properties.

10. Can children consume Natura PLUS?  
Yes, we suggest that Natura to be taken by children aged 7 years old and above.

11. What does Natura PLUS taste like?
A delicious fruity/orange taste . Definitely palatable and delicious.

12. Can I take Natura PLUS with other medicines/supplements?
Yes, you can. We only have to reiterate the importance of taking Natura before taking anything else.  Minimum time is 30 minutes before any medicines/supplements.

13. What should I do if I am experiencing the detoxing process or healing crisis?

You are advised to continue taking Natura. Get your 8-10 glasses of water intake and rest well, avoid heavy activities. Healing crisis usually takes about 3-7 days and can be as long as 2 weeks if you are having any chronic diseases. It all depends on your level of health.


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